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Guardian Ad Litem Services for Contested Family Law Matters



Whether you are a parent seeking an unbiased third party to serve as a Guardian Ad Litem for their child or an individual wanting an advocate for their divorce, Natalie G. Oven, Esq. is here to help. She understands how frustrating it can be to create an appropriate time-sharing schedule that is in the child's best interest.  Natalie G. Oven, Esq. works diligently as both an advocate for either part or as a Guardian Ad Litem for the minor child in a divorce case.


Her approach to legal services is guided by the motto "Kind to people, tough on problems."  Everyone deserves a chance to speak with an attorney about his or her case and to have their interests fairly represented in court.  Natalie G. Oven, Esq. brings her years of experience as a criminal prosecutor and litigator to help you get the best results possible by working with you in a collaborative, compassionate, and clear manner.  Contact us today for a legal consultation and start taking back your peace of mind. 

Our Philosophy

Meet Attorney Natalie Oven

"Change is hard at the beginning, 
messy in the middle,
and fabulous at the end."
-Robin Sharma

Practice Areas

Family at a Beach

Contested and Uncontested Divorce, Paternity

Reduce the stress of divorce by guiding you through the legal process and passionately defending your rights in court.

Guardian ad Litem

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To avoid the possibility of having your child testify, but still have their opinion matter.



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