An experienced family law litigator ready to advocate for you.


Whether you are a small business owner looking to incorporate your business and protect your investment, or an individual facing a divorce or looking for some support, Oven Law is here to help. We understand how frustrating a legal challenge can be and how difficult it can be for your average citizen to understand the laws. That's why we will work with you to vigorously defend your assets and rights in court and to ensure that you get the best possible result for your case.


Oven Law's approach to legal services is guided by the motto "Kind to people, tough on problems." We believe that everyone deserves a chance to speak with an attorney about his or her case and to have their interests fairly represented in court by a passionate attorney. Natalie G. Oven brings her years of experience as a criminal prosecutor and litigator to help you get the best results possible by working with you in a collaborative, compassionate, and clear manner. We know that family and business responsibilities can make life difficult even under normal circumstances and we are committed to easing the pain of the process by standing up for your rights. Contact us today for a legal consultation and start taking back your peace of mind. 

Our Philosophy

Meet Attorney Natalie Oven

"Change is hard at the beginning, 
messy in the middle,
and fabulous at the end."
-Robin Sharma

Practice Areas

Business Law

Focus on your customers, not paperwork. We offer business law guidance for small business owners interested in business incorporation, management, and legal compliance.

Family Law

Family at a Beach

You have enough on your plate. Reduce the stress of divorce by guiding you through the legal process and passionately defending your rights and assets in court.

Trust, Wills & Probate

Planning for your family’s wellbeing doesn’t have to be difficult. Speak with Natalie G. Oven today to ensure that your loved ones are provided for long after you are gone.



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